Yes yes, this is a bit gloating in that the people we are mocking are silly, but that’s really quite alright as we’re better than them.

Following Bush’s reelection in 2004, a massive surge was recorded in the number of people running a Google query for ‘move to Canada.’ Yes, we all know someone like that. Even more fun, following Obama’s recent victory, the same thing is happening around the Canada search result, albeit on a smaller scale.

The following chart is Google Trends data from 2004 to now tracking ‘move to Canada:’

So, what could possibly be even more fun than that? Evolution! No, not that sort – that’s science, which isn’t altogether very funny – but evolution in terms of where people want to bounce to after their guy is shellacked in an election they thougt that they were not going to lose.

Australia! That’s where folks jilted at the ballot box by their team are planning to head next.

The following chart is Google Trends data from the last 12 months, tracking ‘move to Australia:’

Now, where are these folks that want to hitch a lift Down Under? Well, in some ways they are where you would expect:

Texas was staunchly opposed to the President on election day, and both Florida and California, despite voting on a majority basis for Obama, are heavily populated; that their minority political, disgruntled citizenry show up on the chart is hardly surprising.

But really, they have big spiders in Australia. Who wants that.

Top Image Credit: John Tann