Today on Reddit a picture of a Russian newspaper is causing quite the stir. Instead of images, the paper contains, printed I remind you, broken picture placeholders.

The effect is a hilarious blending of the physical and the virtual. And Russian. From the excellent Juffin:

So, just what is going on? No, this isn’t some sort of epic accident. Instead, according to fellow Redditor ‘shadeunder,’ the entire exercise is a method to point out to readers how “a picture says more than a thousand words.” The paper itself is having a photography contest, which this day’s edition promotes.

Because we are posting this into our Shareables channel, I present the two funniest moments from the comment thread. The first is quite self-explanatory:

The second requires that you visit this link – it’s the one included below – for the notes to make sense.

Now, get back to work. Top Image Credit: Jennifer Boyer