Quick: Name all the original members of the Avengers. How did you do? For shame! I bet you forgot Ant-Man.

Anyway, this is a quick and dirty dream post. An image hit Reddit recently, where it found some traction at IO9, and has now landed TNW. It’s that amazing. We’ll let you look at it, and then tell you why our jaw is on the floor afterwards. If you want a massively high-res version, click the pic.

This has the feel of a Pixar epic, mixed with the general badassery of Tony Stark. It’s perfect, in other words. Reddit had some choice comments on the image: “Would watch the fuck out of that,” and “I require The Incredibles 2 before considering this marvel.”

We agree. If you want to read the artist’s take on how he put it together, head here.

Bonus: We found another piece by the same Victor Hugo. His post on it is here. Click on the image for a high-res version.