We’ve gotten pretty used to the standard landing page for any new app. Hand holding a flashy iPhone displaying the app? Check. A list of all the ways this app is going to change your life forever? Check.

At first glance, Yutuzo might look like a real app, but don’t be fooled. Take a closer look, and you’ll realise that it’s available on the “crApp store”, is great for scaring off ghosts, while also being hipster-optimised, and saves pandas. It also takes a swipe or two at social networking and the vintage filter-filled iPhoneography craze.

Yutuzo is the handy work of a UK-based designer, who goes by the name Visual Idiot, and while hilarious, also actually takes the chance to plug a good cause. Clicking on the app store button takes you to the donation page of the anti animal cruelty charity, the RSPCA. (Yes, we clicked).

Yutozu This hipster optimised app wards off ghosts and saves pandas. But not really.

Yutuzo | Check out the rest of Visual Idiot’s work over at Dribbble.