It’s only been a few days since the music world lost one of its mightiest voices and talents, Whitney Houston. Sales of Houston’s albums have seen surges since her death and many people have set up playlists on social music sites like Spotify. In fact, Spotify sent out an email to all of its users with a playlist in her memory.

Since people are also searching on YouTube for her videos and posting them on Twitter and Facebook, one developer set up a site that allows you to follow her musical career and journey, complete with videos and embedded on a Google map.

The site is called “Whitney Houston’s Journey Mapped” and when you visit the site it will automatically hop from location to location with embedded videos of her most famous appearances and performances:

The site takes you through Whitney’s journey as a performer in chronological order and serves as a wonderful and thorough digital homage to her career.

You can click the arrows on the site to travel through the journey manually, watching each video as they come up. If you’re a music fan or a Whitney Houston fan, this site is definitely worth a few moments of your time.

Whitney Houston’s Journey Mapped