In 50 years, will things that matter to us so much today — Tweets, LOL cats, Facebook statuses — retain their cachet? Created for the launch of Social Media Week 2012 with Entrinsic, this video captures interviews with “octogenarian hipsters” as they take a look back on what social media and digital culture were like in the distant year of 2012.

In the video, which takes place in 2062, a set of elderly hipsters are interviewed about “the good old days of social media.” The video hilariously makes valid point: what’s cool in 2012 won’t be so cool in 2062. And if you’re not careful, you might not be either.

Future problems include: your grandkids refusing to retweet you, finding a pair of skinny jeans that don’t restrict hip mobility and not being able to buy your dream condo because the co-op board has seen that photo of you (you know which one).

So, what will you be like in 50 years? Will we be just like our grandparents going on about walking up a hill both ways to school in 5 feet of snow? Or will we be complaining about how connected society is bound to become over the next 50 years?