Every year the World Economic Forum is held in a quiet corner of a very cold Switzerland, in Davos.

In 2002, the conference was moved to New York City, as a show of sympathy following the attacks on the World Trade Centre on 9/11.

Speaking to Reuters’ Felix Salmon, Ariana Huffington thinks that its time for the World Economic Forum to move once again, but this time, she’s suggesting, in 2013, a relocation to a far sunnier spot – to a Greek island – in support of the country’s dire economic situation.

Suggesting Patmos, a hard-to-reach exclusive island, Huffington also suggested that the Greek island itself would be a good change for the conference itself, and could have a positive impact on its popularity. “Who wouldn’t want to go to Patmos in the spring?” she asked.  Reuters has even suggested a hashtag for the campaign: #DavosToGreece.

Watch the full interview with Felix Salmon below: