I know I recently said that this $130,000 diamond studded uber-toilet from Japan was the ideal late Christmas present, but I’ve had a change of heart (and significant increase in budget), and would like to now present the human slinky suit as the rich man’s, last minute Christmas 2011 must-have.

It can be yours, or your significant other’s, for a cool $1 million dollars on EBay. Seller Veniamin Shows has seen 10 offers already but eBay’s buyer privacy prevents us knowing more about these bids, unfortunately.

If you not recall seeing the human slinky on TV (reminder) and are wondering what the fuss is about, take a look at the impressive video below which shows halftime entertainment performances for a number of teams across the NBA.

Now, I wonder how long it would take to earn $1 million working as a halftime performer…

➤ Veniamin Shows | Human Slinky Suit on eBay | Via Gizmodo