Renowned data visualization experts from JESS3 flew to Paris, France this week to attend this year’s highly anticipated LeWeb 2011 Conference.

As official production partners, JESS3 will contribute what its best known for: beautiful data visualizations. With the help of data partners Radian6, the JESS3 team will create an infographic for each day of the conference using the topics discussed by the world-renowned panelists in attendance as well as the topics most widely discussed in the social media.

Before attending the conference, JESS3′s Art Director and on-the-ground illustrating correspondent Jim Hollander researched all attendees and panel topics thoroughly to ready some pre-designed assets for the potential infographics. While at the conference, using information curated both for its relevance and ability to be portrayed in a way that told the day’s story at-a-glance, Jim Hollander will craft three data rich infographics that will live far beyond the exciting three-day event.

Check out the data visualizations from day two of the event, in five different colors here: (Click on the images to enlarge).

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To see Day 1, go here.