Check out the new office of TNW’s India Editor. The rest of the team is very jealous…

Check out the new office of TNW’s India Editor. The rest of the team is very jealous…

We’re a worldwide bunch here at TNW. From Courtney Boyd Myers utilizing the hottest co-working spaces in NYC to our company headquarters in Amsterdam and beer-friendly San Francisco loft, we work where we can find a spot. None of us, however, have quite reached the level that our India-based Editor Aayush Arya has managed.

Aayush purchased some office space in the prime area of Siliguri, then decked it out in TNW orange and even went so far as to brand the front door. Needless to say, the rest of us are now looking for reasons to take a trip to India.

F**k it, we'll do it live!

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From the gallery that Aayush posted on Facebook, he offers a touch of inside information –

“I bought this office space, it’s not rented. Don’t be shocked though—it isn’t as expensive in India as it is in London. I knew you guys would love it. Can’t wait for Jon and Zee to lay eyes on it!”

And yes, he’s the only one who works there –

“No, it’s not TNW’s office. That’d be the day! Since I work for TNW full-time, I figured I’d put it front and centre. Plus, I just really dig the logo!”

Well done, Aayush. Just…make room for another desk in case I get to visit, eh? The rest of us will be doing a short series on Where We Work in the weeks to come. For those interested, there are a few more shots of Aayush’s setup over on Facebook.

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