‘Losers’, A Short Film On Bullying Will Get You Thinking [video]

‘Losers’, A Short Film On Bullying Will Get You Thinking [video]

Today, film production team “Everynone” released a short film about bullying. Bullying has become a hot topic everywhere, including on the internet. With the ability to anonymously contact people, teens are turning to texting and internet posts as a means and way to harass their classmates in school.

It’s not just kids who have to deal with bullying though. Harassment happens in the workplace, and in our streets everyday.

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Have a look at Everynone’s video “Losers”, and stop and think about how we treat others for a moment.

Pretty thought-provoking piece, I’d say. Musicians like Lady GaGa are taking a stance against bullying in their Twitter streams and Facebook posts, trying to buck the trend of suicides and depression in the youth of America.

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