Ever since the iPhone 4S has been released, Siri has been the darling of the media, with whole websites dedicated to its responses cropping up on the Interwebs. “What is the meaning of life,” you ask, and “42” comes the reply. Ask it to marry you and it tells you it’s not included in its end-user licensing agreement. It’ll even participate in a touching love duet with you.

Haha, yeah, funny!

But give it a year and what will Siri be like, after months and months of iPhone (and, in future, maybe even iPad, Mac and hypothetical Apple TV) owners asking it about everything from the length of their toenails to the address of the nearest alien in near-earth orbit?

Not in a particularly good mood, says Doghouse Diaries, as depicted in this sidesplittingly funny comic:

(Click on the comic to see the full-sized version on the artist’s website.)