The internet is approaching a significant milestone as it bears down on 100 million .com domain names, according to Pingdom.

To mark the impending occasion, the company has pulled together two charts which demonstrate just how popular .com domains are, and how their registration numbers have accelerated massively in recent times.

The strange, jagged fluctuations in this graph are caused by domain tasting which, the company explains, accounted for a staggering 94% of registerd domains back in 2006-2007.

The .com domain began life back in 1985, when just 6 were registered but the figure has now grown to 91 million, as of December last year. Few would have foreseen that kind of growth 26 years ago.

Pingdom is tipping the .com domain extension to reach nine figures “within a few months”. Where might it be in another 26 years is anyone’s guess.