Some background information:

Created as a collaboration between Legrand and a group of 20 students at the Tokyo campus of Temple University, it’s an interesting model both for DIY musicians and higher education.

Most interestingly, the video was designed as a one-shot, continuous screen capture. It combines snaps from XP, Vista, Snow Leopard, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Second Life, Skype, Google, Ableton Live, Wordpad, Notepad, Firefox, VLC player and Camtasia Studio. Social media connections such as Tweets from Kanye West, Skype calls from Andre 3000 of Outkast and shout-outs from popular YouTube videographers are layered on screen, all in synch with the music, in what’s probably the most amazing social media chain reaction ever put to tape.

Hat tip to @jjtokyo for the heads up.