I just had to grab this from my new favorite blog, Clients from Hell. The blog is a collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers.

Client: ”So I just wrote my first post on the blog you made for us. Can you publish it to all RSS feeds?”

Me: ”Do you mean publish it to your RSS feed? Because that happens automatically.”

Client: ”No, I mean ALL RSS feeds. Like every one on the internet.”

Me: ”That’s not possible.”

Client: ”Yes it is, I read an article about how RSS is the equivalent of newspapers on the internet, so if I post something everyone on the internet should see it, just like everyone reading a newspaper would see the front page.”

Me: ”Er… that’s not really true, that’s not how RSS works.”

Client: ”Well then this whole “blog” thing isn’t what I paid you to do, then, is it?”