Um, I’m not sure how long this will last, so I’m writing about it now. Dan Schawbel sent out a tweet today that made me do a double take.

Here it is:

 Upload Claimed As A Facebook Username?

Talk about branding: can't upload on Facebook!

I think it’s pretty amusing because Dan is a self branding expert, and what this guy did is excellent branding because his Facebook page links to a Romanian upload site.  Now it’s also annoying branding to those who use the link to upload to Facebook.  Here is the screen shot of the Facebook page.  I figure if he took “upload” as his Facebook username he doesn’t mind having his name out there.  However, I’ve decided to cut his name and the names of his friends out. You know my name, so that’s still there ;)  Also, when you click over, his name is right there.

 Upload Claimed As A Facebook Username?

Note the URL:

I also got a screen shot because I’m pretty confident that Facebook will act when they realize what’s happened.  I do wonder how many times this profile has been reported.  Plus, this is the net, and you’ve got to preserve this stuff or people just won’t believe you.