Picture 59I’ve been scouring the web for services that would let me create a customised version of Google’s homepage for some time.

Funnily enough, all it took was for me to write a post about a couple of options I had discovered when someone recommended I simply create my own, on my own servers, on my own domain.

I haven’t had time to customize just yet, so what you see below is the default design handed to you the moment you upload it to your servers. There must be a gallery of these somewhere, if you know of one, please leave a mention in the comments and I will update.

Finally, how do you actually get this set up. Assuming you already have a website and FTP access, no more than about 30 seconds. Download the source code here and upload to a directory on your site. I created http://zee.me/start while I ate my breakfast. To note, this is all courtesy of Infinise.com. (H/T Thibault Milan)

Picture 58