Blackberry Logo
Mobile Device Developer
HootSuite Logo
Social Media Management System
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Research In Motion Logo
Mobile Device Developer
Bell Canada Logo
Communications company
Joomla Logo
Content Management System
Accel Logo
Accell telesystems, Telecom Expense management
Shopify Logo
Create Your Online Store
Thalmic Labs Logo
Wearable Devices
Zite Logo
Summify Logo
Social News Digest and Reader
Mitel Logo
Mitel is a leading provider of business communication tools, enabling you to stay connected to your customers, prospects and employees anytime, anyplace.
Uniiverse Logo
The local marketplace for activities and services
Breather Logo
peace and quiet, on demand
AgileBits Logo
Keeping you safe online since 2006
ContactMonkey Logo
Smart email tracking service
Echoer Logo
Built on a highly interactive visual platform, Echoer for iPhone connects comments and ideas with the power of location and the crowd, bringing to light the things that matter most – anywhere, anytime
Fixmo Logo
Integrity assurance software
Frank & Oak Logo
An online clothing shop for men who are looking for the extraordinary.
iStopOver Logo
Short Term Rentals Site
Lagoa Logo
Cloud 3D Software
LyricFind Logo
Legal Lyric Aggregation Service
Penzu Logo
Online diary and private journal
Plurk Logo
Microblogging Service
Poynt Logo
Mobile local search service provider
Sandvine Logo
Intelligent Broadband Networks
Snipreel Logo
Create highlight reels from YouTube
Wajam Logo
You and your friends share lots of useful links every day. Find them in Google when you need them.
WiLAN Logo
WiLAN is a leading intellectual property licensing company. Many of the world’s largest technology firms license portions of WiLAN's growing portfolio
Gold Master Logo
Cash for gold buying
Linquet Mini Logo
Never Lose Anything Again!
Sandglaz Infinity Logo
Project & Task Management Software
Kiind Logo
Zero-waste gift campaigns. Only pay for what's used. Be Kiind.
FreshBooks Logo
Online billing, invoicing, time tracking
Perch Logo
Video communications for the family.
500px Logo
Premier photo-sharing community
Silk Logo
A new way to create and consume content
TagMyDoc Logo
TagMyDoc brings life to your documents
CanvasPop Logo
The Web's #1 Choice For Photo Canvas Printing
BrainBank Inc Logo
Idea management software
Myplanet Digital Logo
We empower organizations to deliver great digital products. Logo
'All' about here. Our regional network.
Masterfile Logo
Download stock photos, vectors and illustrations for web, mobile and print.
Mighty Deals Logo
Daily Deals for Designers and Developers
Relay Logo
Chat with GIFs!
Osmosis Logo
Cut project start time in half
LoginRadius Logo
A Unified Social API for engage and understand online users
Kawntent Logo
Premium Content Marketing for Premium Traffic
Iversoft Solutions Inc. Logo
Have a need to interact with people? We can build you an app.
Alpha Developer Logo
Technology news. A fresh perspective on a well-known subject.
Snipcart Logo
Effortless shopping cart
iBetU! Logo
iBetU! is the social betting app that lets you to lay it on the line with friends. What are you waiting for?
Digital Systems Logo
One-stop website & PC services
Web design at its finest!
CleverHost Logo
The best web host north of the 49th parallel.
Web design.
Activated Decor Logo
Saving Marriages One Lift At A Time.
Eureka Logo
Be in the know.
Pitch2pick Logo
Pitch2Pick is a free website that connects artists such as photographers, designers and illustrators with prospective buyers in the fields of advertising, marketing and publishing.
Blacksumac Logo
Piper: Smart, elegant, security and home automation
Nutcache Ltd Logo
Online Invoicing & Time Tracking
SwimCapz Logo
SwimCapz offers Design and Personalized Swim Caps online
Global Catalog Inc. Logo
Global Catalog of products, services and companies.
Wave Logo
The cloud provider of software for the financial side of small business
Nix Logo
The Nix Color Sensor is the Photoshop Eyedropper in Real Life
Babel Media Logo
leading international provider of outsourcing services to games and interactive entertainment industries.
Shakespeare At Play Logo
Shakespeare Video and Text Married in New iOS App
Dpadd Logo
Social network and journal service for gamers
Boocali Video Logo
White Label App Explainer Video Specialists
Stir Tourism Logo
Digital, Social Media Marketing & Advertising for the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Marketing.AI Logo
Content Marketing Software: Where the Content Marketing work gets done.
Comm100 Network Corporation Logo
leading global provider of enterprise-level customer service and communication solutions.
Safety Labs Logo
Together we are safe
Care About the Air You Breathe! Call 1-855-SO-NATURAL Logo
The portable power people
Mokool Apps Logo
Creating Fun and Cool Games
Appveyor Systems Inc. Logo
AppVeyor is Continuous Integration service for Windows developers to securely build and test code in parallel and deploy successful bits to on-premise or cloud environment.
UnlockBoot Logo
Official iPhone Unlock / Jailbreak News & iOS Tweaks
Nubley Social Media Marketing  Logo
We think and love all things digital.
April Eden ~ Mary Kay Cosmetics  Logo
Helping women find an ideal beauty experience through personalized services & amazing products that fit their needs. Inspiring, enriching and empowering women around the Globe!
Scan Canada Guest House Inc Logo
Scan canada guest house .
Power Beam Linear Logo
Power Beam Linear
Payday Loans Ontario Canada Logo
payday loans Ontario, payday loans, payday loans Canada Logo
Business, Financial & Technology News
Web Development Montreal Logo
Fortune Innovation is leading company which provides customized web design and development services, Seo services and Mobile application development service
Onison Application Services Logo
Brilliance in Simplicity
BeAnywhere  Logo
Gain access to a complete remote access, system monitoring and management solution. Custom-fitting our standard solution is a “thing” around here. Bite on more features than those you can chew!
E2i Canada Logo
big data experts in a smart box
Keycafe Logo
Key Exchange Simplified.
Polar (formerly Polar Mobile) Logo
Providing publishers with technology to present, create, serve, report on, and promote their native advertising.
Quick And Convenient Cash Advance Against Sudden Financial Havoc Logo
cash loans today, payday loans bad credit , cash advance
Blabber Inc. Logo
Blabber makes it easy to share your thoughts and ideas with the world.
Aislelabs Logo
Intelligent cloud for in-store marketing
Making public relations affordable, accountable and effective for startups and small businesses
thrusong Logo
thrusong is a social songwriting site featuring the same digital instruments and effects used all over professional recordings.
InBOLD Solutions Logo
“One Platform, One Solution”
Immediate Monetary Help Without Added Formalities Logo
payday loans bc, payday loans British Columbia, payday loans no credit checks
Big Mother Logo
Big Mother helps you track your goals. If you don't accomplish them, Big Mother tells your Facebook friends your secrets.
 Indigo Rose Software Logo
The #1 Android App Maker.
Get Swift Money Right Away Logo
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Leapshot  Logo
Complete cloud hosted small business management software solution
TunnelBear Inc. Logo
TunnelBear's dig private tunnels to the Internet
Granify Logo
We automatically increase revenue for online retailers by identifying shoppers that aren’t going to buy and changing their mind — with the power of real-time big data and machine learning.
PeSoMe Logo
Create your own platform, whether it's a Social Network, Blog, Website or online Education portal in 30 seconds and it's completely FREE Logo
Concert memories and listings app for iPhone.
Tinkercoin Logo
Buy Bitcoin for the First Time Logo
Inspiring Beautiful Weddings. Building Lasting Love.
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Far Gone Books Logo
Stalking the Giants of Tomorrow
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Recognote Logo
Twitter for a company for employees to say Thank you or put pat on the back for a job well done.
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Place2Give Logo
Helping you help others
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Pictorl Logo
Share and explore photos more beautifully
Proposify Logo
We help creative freelancers and agencies make better proposals in half the time and get sign-off faster.
Lift Logo
The best way to find out what your customers think.
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loans British Columbia, British Columbia loans,
Aislelabs Inc. Logo
Intelligent Cloud of In-Store Marketing
Matter Inside Logo
Focusing on the relationships between customers and companies, instead of technology-only solutions to drive email marketing performance.
Navut Logo
Navut helps people move with confidence while enabling them to connect with the most suitable service providers.
Micro Cent Logo
For just $10 a month you can reward your favourite content creators who craft the content you crave while supporting great charities.
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Tell: Say What You Want To Say
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TagTalk Logo
Greetings, Alive & Collectible
SympApps Logo
Kiwi - Your Fruitful Financial Companion
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A Community for Entrepreneurs and Startups
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We partner with entrepreneurs to accelerate their business
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The Best Cleaning Ever!
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Show and tell for writers.
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used cars
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A video forum to connect the world
Rosterbot Inc. Logo
RosterBot is a leading Team Management service targeting athletes and teams at every level from child to professional.
HelpHub Logo
Online Tutors, Anytime
Arador Logo
We’re an intelligence driven technology company making the cloud a safer bet.
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Find and Create hot events in your area.
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