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LinkedIn’s SlideShare gets its first ever native mobile app, kicking off with Android

File and presentation-hosting platform SlideShare has finally delivered a native mobile app, kicking off today with Android. Launched initially in 2006, SlideShare lets users upload PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument… Keep reading →

Samsung OLED

Samsung says it will launch Tizen phones before August, but Android still its ‘main business’

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BSkyB now lets you watch and record TV by clicking a tweet

comms tower

Why 'Bandwidth As a Commodity' Could Be a Huge New Market


Livefyre Releases Sidenotes for In-Line Commenting


Indie Phone: the 'Silicon Valley Dream Is Part of the Problem'


Amazon Makes it Easier to Add Books to Goodreads

Google Glass

Google Sells Out of Glass Units in One-Day Promotion


Alibaba's IPO Will be One of the Biggest in Tech