Recent weeks have seen leaked renders of Normandy, the Android-powered smartphone Nokia is said to have developed as a side-project to its Windows Phone focus, emerge. The thought intrigues many, and now the first image of the phone has surfaced.

The photo of this prototype was originally posted to Sina Weibo, as you can see from the watermark.

That’s not a lot to see from the photo, nor is there much to get excited about. Android Beat rightly points out that there is no guarantee the device will ever be launched (particularly as Microsoft is tying up the final details to acquire Nokia’s devices business), while it apparently runs a forked (aka non-Google) version of Android and would almost certainly be low-end. BUT, it’s a Nokia Android phone!

➤ Nokia’s Android phone appears in prototype form [The Verge]

Thumbnail image via VOLKER HARTMANN/AFP/Getty Images