Nokia_108_DUAL_SIM_cyanYou could be forgiven if you’d started losing track of the number of handsets Nokia sent to market this year alone, some featuring Windows Phone, some not.

And today, less than two weeks after Microsoft announced it was buying Nokia’s Devices and Services division, its second post-acquisition release has reared its head in the form of the Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 Dual SIM handsets.

With a RRP of $29, the new devices are very much aimed at the entry-level market. With a built-in VGA camera (that also shoots video), MP3 player, FM radio, Snake, alarms and flashlight, it’s not going to cannibalize the Lumia 1020 any time soon, but with a claimed 31 days on standby, it should have good battery life. It also features Nokia’s Slam technology for sharing content quickly via Bluetooth, as well as support for up to 32GB of extended memory.

Available in red, white and black at launch, with yellow and cyan in the pipeline, the Nokia 108s are expected to ship later this year.

Nokia introduces the Nokia 108 | Press Release