Samsung to Korean employees: Fewer drinking games, more exercise please

Samsung to Korean employees: Fewer drinking games, more exercise please

Worried that excessive drinking may affect the performance of its employees — most notably its executives — Samsung has begun rolling out an internal campaign banning binge drinking and excessive alcohol consumption during company events.

According to local media reports, Samsung has banned employees from forcing others to drink, where employees would be told to take drinks down in “one shot” or forced to drink as a punishment.

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Korea already ranks as one of the biggest drinking and smoking nations and Samsung appears to be willing to do something about it. Over the past year, the company removed ashtrays from its buildings, reportedly going as far as to threaten employees that if they didn’t quit they may find it harder to get promoted within the company.

Such practices might be frowned upon in the West, but Samsung has now introduced guidelines to limit such actions and attempt to promote a healthier lifestyle and curb excessive behaviour.

This means that instead bringing out the alcohol at a “hoesik” (staff dinner), employees are told to organise more formal dinner parties or even meet on the tennis court – with sport also recommended as an alternative to drinks.

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