It seems that AT&T and T-Mobile have some tricks up their sleeves, or at least they’d best hope that they do. The two companies have asked for a stay against the court proceedings until they can provide a status update on January 18th, according to Reuters.

The news comes after the DoJ asked for a delay of the hearings following the application for the merger being rescinded only a couple of weeks ago. It’s a game of back and forth right now, as AT&T found out that the merger would be investigated and summarily pulled its application, then the Justice Department stepped up to say that the merger could be reopened to investigation if it was filed again.

AT&T is said to be considering “whether and how to revise” the structure of the current deal in order to meet regulatory approval. If the wireless carrier can do so and the merger is approved, it would slingshot the AT&T-Mo conglomerate far past Verizon Wireless, the present top carrier in the US by subscribers.

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