Samsung hires 4 artists to ‘create your tweets’ in Galaxy Note promo

Samsung hires 4 artists to ‘create your tweets’ in Galaxy Note promo

Is the Galaxy Note a tablet or smartphone? That was a question Samsung asked back in October, following the launch of the product at Berlin’s IFA event the previous month.

Starting on Tuesday this week, Samsung has been working with digital agency Jam, on a campaign that seeks to promote the Galaxy Note by getting artists to recreate tweets sent to Samsung Mobile’s Twitter account. So how does it work?

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Well, simply tweet @samsungmobile with the hashtag #createmytweet and the artist for that day will respond to you with their own interpretation of the tweet, which will then be tweeted back to you and appear in the Tweet Gallery. The four artists – Steven Wilson, Rose Stallard, Danny Sangra and Natasha Law – will select requests to recreate using the Galaxy Note as their sketchpad.

For example, one person tweeted: “@SamsungMobile “Fly me to the Moon” #createmytweet”, and one of the artists produced this illustration on their Galaxy Note:

You can read more about it on its Facebook Page, or you can meet the artists here:

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