Tweetdeck details its Android users, highlights “extreme fragmentation” of the OS

Tweetdeck details its Android users, highlights “extreme fragmentation” of the OS

When mobile manufacturers or carriers are slow to release statistics on its userbase, sometimes the job is unofficially pushed into the hands of application developers, who can provide a quick and detailed analysis of the different types of mobile users interacting with their apps all over the world.

As you might have known, Tweetdeck (the popular Twitter application available on the desktop and mobile devices) recently released the Beta version of its Android client (check out our thoughts on it here), finally giving Android users a taste of what iPhone owners had access to for months previous.

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During the beta testing period (which is closing soon), Tweetdeck analysed the handsets and the different firmwares on the 36,427 active beta testers Android smartphones, collating a very interesting set of statistics in the process.

Tweetdeck’s detailed its findings in a blog post, highlighting the extreme fragmentation of the Android OS, the massive number of custom ROM’s and weird phone names that cropped up in its reports. Tweetdeck doesn’t mind, anyone using its app is considered a bonus for them, just take a look at the following graphs and see with your own eyes the sheer number of customisations present in the Android ecosystem.

Users By Phone

(Click for bigger).

Users By OS Version

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