Report: App Stores Compared – Price, Percent Free, and Store Growth

Report: App Stores Compared – Price, Percent Free, and Store Growth

Analytics company, Distimo, presented a fascinating report on mobile App Stores at the Mobile World Congress. We know that Apple is towering over app store rivals by number of applications, but by how much?

Distimo app store numbers

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Apple has almost 5 times more applications than all of the other app stores combined.

How about Store Growth?

Distimo app store numbers growth3

During 1 month time Android has the fastest Store Growth as compared to the overall total amount of Apps available in it’s store.

Percent Free Vs Paid Apps?

Distimo app store numbers Paid Vs Free

Android has the highest percent of Free apps, with more than half of it’s applications being Free. Palm has the Second highest, and Apple is third with a quarter of it’s apps being free.

What about App Pricing?

Distimo app store numbers prices

Apps from Apple, Android, and Ovi are about the same average price, but RIM and Microsoft are surprisingly more than twice as expensive on average. Ouch! Shopping at them would hurt your credit card bill.

The full ‘Mobile Application Stores State of Play’ report can be read below:


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