Webdoc, the service that allows users to create easily shareable multimedia content for when a tweet just isn’t enough, has enhanced its usefulness to those who want to promote their creative work today with the launch of three new widgets.

Audio hosted by SoundCloud can now be uploaded and added directly via an HTML5 player, while concert information in the Songkick widget will allow bands to sell tickets directly to fans straight from a Webdoc. The Topspin widget brings that service’s direct-to-fan sales and marketing platform, used by artists and filmmakers, to Webdoc as drag-and drop elements.

Webdoc is already used by music industry names like Universal Music Group as a marketing tool to allow fans to express themselves in new ways (see our coverage of its Nirvana campaign). For a better understanding of how Webdoc’s flexible platform works, our original coverage is here.

I met up with Webdoc co-founder Vincent Borel at Midem in Cannes to find out more about the new features and the startup’s future direction.

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