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Microsoft Announces Xbox One Coming to 26 New Markets in September


Office Lens for Windows Phone Scans Documents Directly into OneNote


Microsoft Unveils Surface 2 with LTE on AT&T for $679

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Microsoft Launches Free OneNote for Mac and Windows

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Titanfall, the game that will ruin all other shooters and win over customers for the Xbox One

Subway Station in Munich

Mozilla Scraps Metro Firefox for Windows 8

Microsoft Indroduces Chinese Version of XP

Microsoft Woos Users off Windows XP with Deals for a New PC


Skype for Xbox One Gets Synced Chats, Push Notifications

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Asus Is Reportedly Under Pressure To Shelve Its Dual-OS Devices


PlayStation 4 Beats Xbox One for February Console Sales in the US


Bill Gates Says Microsoft was Willing to Acquire WhatsApp

Microsoft office

Microsoft Launches Bing Image Match Feature