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Microsoft Starts Mapping Brazil's Shanty Towns

Hackathon Held In Miami With Goal Of Improving Communications And Information Access In Cuba

Bing Code Search for Visual Studio 2013 Helps You Find Samples


Microsoft Taps DocuSign for Office 365 Integration


Microsoft Starts Rolling Out Xbox One February Update


Microsoft Investigating IE9 and IE10 Zero-Day Used in Targeted Attacks

Microsoft Unveils Windows 8

Windows 8 Sells 100 Million Fewer Copies than Windows 7 at 15 Months


Bing & RoboCop Show the Future of Search?


Skype finally syncs notifications across all platforms, remedying its biggest flaw


Xbox One Media Remote Incoming, According to Amazon Listings

Google Chrome's logo is seen at Google's

VMware Lets Chrome OS Users Access Windows Desktops, Applications


Here's Conan O'Brien's Vision For Microsoft If He Was Named Its CEO

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New Research Claims Bing Is Censoring China Search Results Globally