Microsoft won plenty of acclaim for its Super Bowl ad — ‘Empowering’ — but now it’s back to the business of bashing Google in its latest advert, which takes a swipe at Chromebooks that “have to be connected to the Internet to get much done.” The ad went out during ‘New Girl,’ which ran just after the Super Bowl.

The new ad spot — first noted by Win Beta — plays to an important demographic, the American mom. The woman featured in the video praises the benefits of a sub-$300 laptop from Acer, which is affordable enough for her kids and comes with the benefits office and, as mentioned, doesn’t need Internet access.

It’s a brief mention, but the fact that Microsoft again feels the need to slam Chromebooks in its advertising suggests that laptops based on the Google platform are a concern — yet they accounted for just 1 percent of PC shipments (not even sales) last year. It can certainly be argued that singling out Chromebooks is providing positive promotion for the Google platform, which is hardly a household name.

➤ Microsoft slams Chromebooks again in new Windows 8.1 ad [Neowin]

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Image via ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/GettyImages