Microsoft today launched Rethink, the latest marketing effort from the company’s browser team that is meant to show “how Internet Explorer is helping to create a Web that is fast, beautiful, and perfect for touch.” In short, Rethink is a site that features all the modern browser demoes the company has put together over the last two years to show what’s possible on the Web, including Everest: Rivers of Ice, Contre Jour, Red Bull Rampage, and the Windows 95 cult classic game Hover.

Microsoft hopes to win over users by having them “rethink” that IE is a modern browser capable of handling all the cool stuff the Web has to offer, and win over developers by having them “rethink” innovative techniques they can use to build real-world sites by offering them tear-downs for each of the demos. Frankly, we preferred this IE ad, but we can’t blame Microsoft for trying.

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Image Credit: Microsoft