Sony has made a conscious effort to court indie developers and promote creative, smaller budget titles for the PlayStation 4. Microsoft has been a little quieter about its ID@Xbox self-publishing program, but it looks like our concerns were unfounded. Today, Microsoft has published a huge list of developers that want to use the initiative to self-publish new games.

It starts with Japanese developers Inis and Comcept, best known for Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS and the wildly successful Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter project respectively. They’re backed up by Vlambeer of Ridiculous Fishing (iOS/Android) fame, Slightly Mad Studios, Born Ready and Double Eleven, who worked on the Vita incarnation of Little Big Planet.

Crowd favorites Double Fine are also in the mix, as are much larger studios such as Crytek, which recently released Ryse: Son of Rome as a launch title for the Xbox One. Other highlights include Half-Brick, the developer behind Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, bit.trip creator Gaijin Games and Nicalis, which created the hugely influential Cave Story.

For a full breakdown of the developers, feast your eyes on the blog post that just went up on Xbox News.