Microsoft updates Xbox apps on Windows 8, boosting personalization and bettering content downloads

Microsoft updates Xbox apps on Windows 8, boosting personalization and bettering content downloads

Today Microsoft announced via Major Nelson that its Xbox-related Windows 8 applications are in the process of receiving a cycle of updates.

Included in the update wave are the Xbox Games application itself, and the Xbox SmartGlass companion-media app. Both Windows 8 and Windows RT systems should receive the new code. The updates began to land today, but “could [take] a few days to reach everyone around the world” according to the company.

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The goal of the updates was to make “gameplay simpler and more personal.” To that end, Xbox Games will not show off the game you played most recently, perhaps to entice you back into the digital realm. Also in the feature bumps are better download speeds for content, and “smoother” access to such bits to allow for stronger individual personalization.

Messaging on the Xbox Live network can now take place inside of the app on Windows 8, which is actually neat. SmartGlass, following the update, won’t go to sleep if it is being used as a second screen.

That the Xbox team is updating its applications isn’t surprising, given that Microsoft has been on an update kick of late when it comes to Windows 8. The ‘communications’ set of applications was also recently updated, and Microsoft announced today Build 2013, a coming conference that will include a spate of improvements to Windows 8 and other Microsoft products.

The days of big releases from Microsoft every three to four years are behind it, it is now plain. Or as Microsoft-watcher and author Paul Thurrott said earlier today, “You know, my central complaint is that things never move quickly enough. Things are suddenly moving quickly enough. And I like it.”


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