It took more than 6 months after it first announced it would expand the availability of its Drive app, but Nokia today finally made its turn-by-turn application available to all Windows Phone 8 devices in the US, UK and Canada.

Nokia Drive was previously exclusive to Nokia’s Lumia range of Windows Phone handsets, but the company shared news back in June 2012 that it would begin opening it up to rival OEMs and upload it to the Windows Phone Store.

The app remains in beta, while Nokia “fine tunes the customer experience,” but users will have access to full turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, offline maps, speed limit warnings, and various day and night modes. Nokia has also added a “feedback” tab, which will collate experiences from the wider Windows Phone community.

With the app available on the store, other Windows Phone manufacturers may decide to offer the app to their customers, ensuring that Microsoft’s operating system has a powerful, detailed and well-supported free navigation app capable of rivalling Google and Apple’s own built-in services.

If you own a non-Nokia Windows Phone device, head over to the Windows Phone Store now and download it free-of-charge.

Nokia Drive+


Image Credit: epsos/Flickr