Outlook.com broke the 10 million user mark in August, and managed to break past 1 million in its first day live as a service. Today Microsoft has announced that its new email service has more than 25 million active users.

Microsoft, a company whose email product, Hotmail, had become a punch line, has managed to build a product that appears to resonate well with consumers.

For fun, here’s a chart of Outlook.com’s user growth:

Microsoft also announced a number of new features for its email product, including the following:

  • One-click archive
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • More customization of your inbox, including 6 new color themes
  • Outlook app for Android

The Android app is especially interesting. If you are so inclined, you can snag it here. TNW is verifying at the moment, but is all but certain that no such applications exists for the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft described the new features as based on user feedback.

TNW reviewed the service upon launch, finding it to be a massive upgrade to the Hotmail product. In time, all Hotmail users will be moved to the service. For now, however, it is an opt-in service.

Our final take when Outlook.com launched in late July went as follows: “Outlook.com will make Microsoft relevant again in email, and will force Gmail to clean up its interface.” In our view, that perspective still stands.

Top Image Credit: davide vizzini