Registration has opened for WOWZAPP 2012, Microsoft’s global hackathon for the Windows operating system.

The event, which will take place in more than 30 different locations, will encourage students and developers to work in teams and create apps that will later be available to download through the Windows store.

Anyone taking part in WOWZAPP 2012 will be provided with all the relevant tools and software needed to build the apps, such as Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8, as well as a free Windows Store registration code.

At the event, students will also be able to test their apps and ask expert developers and trainers for advice.

In the latest decade or so hackathons such as this one have really come into their own. They are a fantastic place not only to meet like-minded developers, but also work on projects that have a really good chance of being noticed by someone important.

In the past we’ve seen Aviary host their own Photo Hack Day in New York, as well as Dwolla and Etsy’s eCommerce hackathon and TV Hackday. Have we had enough of these sorts of events yet? Not a chance.

If you’re interested in developing for the Windows 8 platform, or just fancy watching those who do, make sure you register as soon as possible.

Image credit: Dr Papillon and Hoedic