Microsoft promised today to patch a security flaw that it highlighted yesterday in its Internet Explorer software. The patch will be forthcoming in the next few days. In a statement, Microsoft called the impact of the flaw thus far ‘extremely limited.’

The company promises that the fix itself will be simple to use, requiring a single click for its application. Microsoft provided TNW with the following statement:

“There have been an extremely limited number of attacks—the vast majority of Internet Explorer users have not been impacted. We are working on an easy-to-use, one-click fix that will be released in the next few days, but in the meantime we recommend customers make sure their antivirus software is up-to-date.”

This has prompted the German government to encourage the use of other browsers, to avoid the security concern. Interestingly, Internet Explorer 10 users are not in danger of the exploit, while Internet Explorer 6 through 9 users are at risk.

This is a developing story, please refresh for updates.

Image Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images