Leaked Windows 8 compatibility stickers confirm horrifically ugly new logo

Leaked Windows 8 compatibility stickers confirm horrifically ugly new logo

This is a quick one, boys, and a sad one. As it turns out, that Windows 8 logo that is fashionable to hate, appears to be the real deal. Damn the pulbic reaction, full speed ahead!

The image in question, from the annoyingly well-sourced WinUnleaked and via NeoWin, shows off a number of compatability stickers that will, eventually, land on computers and peripherals the world around. However, the problem is that they are all ugly. The reason that they are ugly is that they contain the nasty Windows logo. Here you go:

Another conference. “Great.”

This one’s different, trust us. Our new event for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

Yep! That’s ugly. Well, they are all ugly. Just for fun, here’s the logo up close:

That bad boy is going on everything soon enough, wack perspective and all. And now we have more confirmation that it is, in fact, sticking around. Here’s what is wrong, in case you don’t see it:

Back to the Windows logo, the actual perspective is strange, and causes the entire logo to point to the left, even as the text reads to the right. I can’t help but think that the viewing angle is too strong. A flat window would have been blander but the current angle is almost jarring.

Now, it’s time to play chicken and see if Microsoft will change it before it’s go time for Windows 8.

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