Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac has today shed its Beta tag and launched on the Mac App Store, giving Mac owners who happen to own a Windows Phone-powered handset the chance to sync content with between the smartphone and their desktop.

The application was first made available late last year and was only available via the official Microsoft website. Microsoft offers the Connector for free, meaning Apple is not taking a cut of Microsoft’s profits – so hell hasn’t frozen over just yet.

Microsoft says that Windows Phone 7 Connector will:

  • Sync music, movies, TV Shows and podcasts, from your existing iTunes library, to your devices
  • Sync photos and videos, from your existing iPhoto library, to your devices
  • Retrieve photos and videos, taken on your Windows Phone, and automatically import them into your existing iPhoto library
  • Browse and preview media items located on your devices
  • Download and install operating system updates for your Windows Phone (as applicable)

You can download the application by searching the Mac App Store on your computer or by using this link.