socialmedia thumb Spindex: Microsofts Latest Attempt At Social Media AggregationAt Web 2.0 Microsoft FUSE Labs showed off a new social media aggregator tool called Spindex.

Microsoft FUSE Labs was setup to dabble with social media. These are the guys behind, the Facebook and Office Web Apps mashup. Their latest project – Spindex, is a single-screen access to your social web services. Spindex integrates with Bing for searches and trends in your network.

Besides dedicated pages to each social service, there will be “Spindex” page that aggregates the hot topics around your several social networks. As Microsoft puts it, this is to make sense of your social overload. According to a screenshot, Spindex will integrate Evernote, Facebook, Twitter and even have RSS reading support. Screenshot:

spindex thumb Spindex: Microsofts Latest Attempt At Social Media Aggregation
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In a limited beta with invite codes only for Web 2.0 attendees, Spindex is far from a finished product.

Microsoft has been quite particular about not starting “another” social network. Their focus has been on aggregating users’ social activities. With Windows Live, Microsoft introduced “What’s new with your network” – a single page that aggregated content from the various social web services you added. In the new version of Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft has enhanced this service and now wants you to use Messenger as your “Ultimate Social Dashboard”.

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