Global music brand MTV is turning to the global throng of internet users to establish a new socially-powered music-video chart.

The Your MTV Top 20 chart will be compiled based on fan interactions with the week’s most popular global music videos from across MTV’s own properties, including websites, social platforms and apps, while also tapping data from The Echo Nest. For the uninitiated, The Echo Nest is a ‘music intelligence’ company that offers products to help developers and media firms integrate rich music data across their products, and was snapped up by Spotify back in March.

More specifically, MTV will tap The Echo Nest’s ‘artist and song hotness’ data to track popularity and trending metrics.

FireShot Screen Capture 218 Your MTV Top 20    This Weeks Chart www yourmtvtop20 mtv co uk 730x414 MTV creates a new social media powered music video chart

Each week, MTV will create a shortlist of the most played videos from more than 60 MTV-branded networks from around the world. Each time a fan views these videos on the chart site or via third-party platforms, and ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’ or ‘Tweets’ them, this will automatically influence the position of each track within the shortlist. The chart updates in near real-time (every five minutes) until it’s published at 12pm (ET) each Monday.

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