Pluto.TV, a streaming video service that collects content around the Web and presents it in a cable-like interface with 100 different channels, has added the ability to save any of its programs to watch later.

Dubbed myPluto, the new feature lets you save unlimited videos. To “record” content, simple click the “Save show” button on the site’s interface and it will archive it as it plays. When you want to watch it again, just head to the myPluto section.

mypluto 730x500 Web TV service Pluto.TV adds a DVR feature so you can save shows for later

Pluto.TV fills an interesting gap in the Web video space. While it does have curation partnerships with content creators like Funny or Die and The Young Turks, most of its videos seem to be pulled from places like YouTube where you could already watch for free. The service does, however, reimagine the act of just turning the TV on and letting it run in the background for the Internet generation.

Introducing myPluto—DVR Your Favorite Shows