Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg have officially launched Re/code, described as a “new tech and media news, reviews and analysis site.”

Behind this new site is the same team from the former All Things Digital site — which Swisher and Mossberg ran for Dow Jones from 2007 onward. How did the name Re/code come about? They explain:

Because everything in tech and media is constantly being refreshed, renewed and reimagined. And this is the reinvention of ourselves.

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Along with the tech website, Swisher and Mossberg have formed a new and independent media company called Revere Digital, in collaboration with the NBC Universal News Group and Windsor Media. Revere will be behind the operations of news sites and apps, as well as conferences.

The company is immediately opening registrations for its tech conference, the Code Conference, which will be held in May this year. There are plans for other events in the pipeline throughout the year, but more details will come later.

Headline image via Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images