Sky offers its satellite TV subscribers a huge range of films through Sky Movies in the UK, but soon that content will be available on rival service BT TV too.

The two firms confirmed a multi-year contract today which will see Sky Movies offered as a bolt-on for BT TV subscribers with a YouView or Vision+ set-top box from October 26 onwards.

The package will include 11 Sky Movies channels:

Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Showcase, Sky Movies Greats, Sky Movies Disney, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Action & Adventure, Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Crime & Thriller, Sky Movies Drama & Romance, Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror and Sky Movies Select.

BT is yet to disclose the price of the Sky Movies add-on, but it highlights the company’s commitment to offering a range of content that can at least rival – if not surpass just yet – Sky’s rather formidable offerings.

It’s worth noting that Virgin, the other major player in the UK, also offers its subscribers up to 11 Sky Movies channels through a number of bolt-on packages starting at £26 per month.

Featured Image Credit – AFP/Getty Images