Just five days after Digg updated its iOS app with its all-new Digg Reader RSS service, the company has announced that it’s now crawling 7.7  million feeds.

Digg revealed this stat just as Google Reader was finally winding down for good last night, and the figure represents almost exactly double the number of feeds it announced just 24 hours after Digg Reader first landed last week.

As previously reported, Digg is now preparing to introduce a much-welcome Web-based version of its RSS service, but before that, the company says it has a handful of updates in the pipeline, including:

  • Unread counts for feeds and folders (coming tomorrow)
  • Mark as unread button
  • A toggle to view only unread items/folders

With Google Reader now finally consigned to the history books, it will be interesting to see how the RSS war pans out – Feedly has capitalized rather well so far, while AOL is also throwing its hat into the RSS ring. And, well, there are countless others too.

But Digg has a long history on the Web and its brand should count for a lot when it comes to scooping up the sea of RSS orphans left in Google Reader’s wake.

Feature Image Credit: Thinkstock