Word up YouTube creators. From now on, whenever you upload a video to your account, you can customize the accompanying text you channel-subscribers see.

While creators have been able to share videos automatically across their social networks for a while, the ability to tailor the text that goes along with it is a nice addition.

Your personalized message will appear in the upload feed item, and will also be included when your video is shared across your connected social accounts – Google+, Facebook or Twitter. This means you don’t have to visit each site to manually customize a post for each video.

In related news, Google has also announced that when you connect your YouTube account to Google+, your public YouTube videos will now be featured on the Videos tab in your Google+ profile. The tab will also be renamed YouTube, to guide your G+ followers to your videos. A little something like this…

So, this is yet another step towards Google’s ultimate goal of unifying all its products.

Feature Image Credit – Thinkstock