If you’ve ever attended a live event you know that one of the most essential functions while you’re there is to take photos of those perfect moments you catch with your own eyes.

While you’re watching a livestreamed event you’re left to using external screenshot software and it’s a clunky experience.

YouTube announced today that you’ll be able to watch a livestreamed event from the Sydney Opera House and use FRONTROW, an app created by VIVID, which lets you take “photos” and share them all of your social networks:

For the first time, audiences around the globe will be able to watch select performances live on YouTube, and share the experience through a custom camera application called FRONTROW.

During the livestream, not only can you sit back and enjoy the tunes of some renowned musicians, you can also participate right from your desktop! In a world first, you can take photos of the event through the FRONTROW camera app: zoom in and out to change your view, take photos during the live stream, apply filters and immediately share on your social networks.

Screen shot 2012 05 25 at 11.59.10 AM 520x413 You can now snap photos during livestreams on YouTube using FRONTROW

Here’s a video demo of the new custom application created by VIVID:

I’d love to see this feature turn into an official YouTube one, however, it will be limited to streams using VIVID’s app.