Swiss startup Kooaba is doing some interesting things in the realm of image recognition, and its latest move is its biggest yet.

The company’s Paperboy app is designed to connect printed media with the digital world. It allows users to snap a photo of an article and then share the online version with friends directly from the app, or archive it for later reading. If offered by the publisher, additional online content related to a printed article, such as videos or image galleries, can be accessed through the app. Other uses include introducing interactivity to printed ads.

Until now, the number of newspapers supporting Paperboy has been quite small. However, today Kooaba has announced that it’s set to work with over 2000 titles in over 90 countries.

The first roll-out phase, will see more than 85 titles in Germany, Switzerland and Austria support the app. These include the Swiss Basler Zeitung, the Austrian Times and Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The second phase will follow in November, when more than 780 US, UK and Canadian newspapers will be Paperboy-enabled. The rest of the world will follow later in the year.

Paperboy is available for iPhone and Android and you can find more details here.