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Turkish Pianist Under Investigation for 'Offending' Tweets


RIM Plans First BlackBerry Store in Middle East


Iran Denies Reports it will Shut Down Internet Access by August


Kuwait Hands Out 7 Year Jail Sentence in a Twitter-related Arrest

iran flag

Iran to Shut Down Internet Access by August

Behesht-e Zahra, Tehran, Iran by yeowatzup

Iranian Authorities Block the Official London 2012 Site

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Over 2,000 Emails Released, Said to Belong to the Tunisian Government

nokia lumia 800

Report: Nokia Leads Smartphone Sales in the Middle East

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Tunisia Hands Duo 7 Year Jail Over Facebook Cartoon


Dubai Police are Monitoring Facebook and Twitter 24 Hours a Day

Facebook Nation

Palestinian Authority Arrests Two in One Week over Facebook Posts


RIM is Opening its First Africa-Based Development Centre