Lebanese WomenThe region’s first Groupon service has reached Beirut in another expansion for GoNabIt which kicked it off with a 61% discount on a girls manicure pedicure at Fadia El Mendelek Salon. Kinda tells you who the people from GoNabIt expect to be purchasing.

GoNabIt which launched back in May of this year immediately became the UAE’s new online obsession propagating deals in line with it’s social e-commerce based model, you can read more about it here.

GoNabIt which is majority owned by Bayt.com has been making a run for their money ever since Cobone.com launched also backed by a regional online giant, namely Jabbar Internet Group.

This launch gives GoNabIt a one city advantage to Cobone.com, but the stakes remain high to claim the title of the region’s number one Group Discount service.

GoNabIt Beirut